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Billy Book

Home Town

San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Riding Style

Grew up riding trails and dirt roads for fun and adventure. Now I just like to kick back and cruise listing to the roar of my ride and enjoy the wind therapy.

First Bike

1987 Suzuki TS 125X

In the Garage

2014 Harley Davidson XL1200 low
2008 Harley Davidson FXDSE2 CVO Screaming Eagle 105th Anniversary Edition
2003 XL1200 100th Anniversary Edition

Current Gear

Not into the fancy gear: blue jeans, shirt, small lid to protect my head, sunglasses, and finger-less gloves, and a leather jacket if it is cold.

Favorite Thing About Working for 2Wheel

Team atmosphere, talking to customer about parts and accessories for their ride.

Goals and Aspirations

Win the lottery and retire on Sanibel Island, Florida. On a serious note, to be the best I can be, and to deliver excellence in customer service.

Little Known Facts

I worked for a Harley Dealership in sales around 1996. I do most of my own repairs on the rides I own.

Most Asked Question

Your not from California are you? No, I am from Alabama, Roll Tide!


My idol was my grandmother before she passed, she always had an answer to make you fell better about things, never complained, and would make the best out of difficult situations. I never really had a Mentor but I have picked up a lot out of life doing trial and tribulations.

Tell Us A Little About Yourself

Born in Fayette, Alabama, in 1972. Played football the younger years. Got into motorcycles and different size three wheeler from age 10-14, upgraded to fast cars by the age of 21. Worked different jobs but always sales/customer service since 1992. Worked at a Harley shop in 1996-97. Moved to California with my wife in 2010. Didn't buy my first Harley until 2015. Now I have 3. Ride any chance I get. Try to make as many Poker/Wounded Warrior rides as possible. Make any excuse to just get out and ride when I have time. I've worked 25+ years in customer service. If I don't have the answer I will get you one.

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