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Todd Pals

“Love the fact that we can provide anything and everything needed for this great community at great prices.”

Home Town

Jenks, Oklahoma



Riding Style

100% street cruiser rider, with just a little run around fun on the Grom whatever that style is.

First Bike

My parents gave me a very used 1972 Honda Scrambler 350 when I turned 16.  I always had to wear a helmet as part of the deal.  I was styling a nice open face stars and stripes helmet... matched perfect with my ugly green bike.

In the Garage

I like any 2 wheel bike with a motor.  I currently have a 2012 Harley-Davidson Switchback (my big bike), a 2015 Honda Grom (my baby bike, SO FUN), and a 2008 off-brand 150cc scooter (used only with my wife to go look at open houses or to get an ice cream cone).

Current Gear

I like to mix up my gear quite a bit.  I have four favorite jackets.  My newest is a bad-A Black Brand leather jacket that is built to help keep you cooler even though it's black.  I also love my River Road brand brown leather jacket.  If it is too warm for leather I have a mesh Speed & Strength brand jacket that is cool but still has armor in it.  I have 2 full-faced helmets, an Arai and a Shark and one old-school open face Speed & Strength helmet.  Too many cool choices out there to just have one of anything.

Favorite Thing About Working for 2Wheel

Is it called work?  I guess I love my job because I do not consider it work.  Love the fact that we can provide anything and everything needed for this great community of motorcycle & ATV enthusiasts at great prices.  Love working for a company that is technology driven and always working to have the best products at the best prices on the web.

Goals and Aspirations

At 55, I am working towards planning for retirement when I hope to be able to do a ton of traveling both on my bike and overseas, etc.  A short-term goal is to get prepared and complete a 2,000+ mile bike trip with a bunch of guys later this summer all through New Mexico and Colorado.  I hope to make it up to the Sturgis Rally in the coming years before I turn 60.

Little Known Facts

I am into fitness mostly for the sole reason that I am a foodie and love to be able to eat almost anything I want and not gain weight.  I run 3 times a week for 20 miles total and work out in the gym 3 days a week.  Sunday is my rest day!

Most Asked Question

Are you really a CFO?  You don’t act like one...


My Dad has always been my idol and mentor.  Of course, my Boss is a mentor to me!

Tell Us A Little About Yourself

I was born and raised in a small farm town in Iowa.  Moved to Oklahoma for college and never left.  I try to always have a positive attitude and work hard and play hard.  I ride my bike(s) to work every day that I can.  I am married to a super cool woman coming up to our 9th anniversary soon.  I have two adult kids that I am very proud of and stay connected to almost every day.  Love attending and I am involved in a global/local church called Life.Church where we attend weekly and volunteer and help out as needed.