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Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight and Watertight .9 Medical Kit

SKU: 62-47550

Includes:.Five 1in. x 3in. bandages.Three knuckle bandages.One 3 in. gauze.... Read More

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Adventure Medical Kits
Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight and Watertight .9 Medical Kit


Five 1in. x 3in. bandages.

Three knuckle bandages.

One 3 in. gauze.

Four 2in. x 2in. gauze dressing.

Six 3in. x 3in. gauze dressing.

Two 3in. x 4in. non-adherent dressing.

Three safety pins.

One pair of nitrile gloves.

One 5in. x 9in. trauma pad.

22 pieces of pre-cut shaped moleskin.

One 2in. elastic with Velcro bandage.

2in. x 26in. duct tape.

One splinter picker/tick remover forceps.

Two after bite wipes.

Two diphenhydramine 25mg antihistamine.

Four 325mg aspirin.

Two loperamide HCI 2mg Diamode.

Four ibuprofen 200mg.

Four acetaminophen 500mg.

Six antiseptic wipes.

Two alcohol swabs.

Two cotton top applicators.

One irrigation syringe: 10cc, 18 gauge tip.

10 yards of 1in. tape.

One Skin Tac topical adhesive wipe.

Three single-use triple antibiotic ointment.

10-1/4in. x 4in. wound closure strips.

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