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AFX FX-41DS Solid Helmets
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AFX FX-41DS Solid Helmets

SKU: 0110-3741

DESCRIPTION Aerodynamic shell design constructed using advanced poly-all... Read More

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AFX FX-41DS Solid Helmets


Aerodynamic shell design constructed using advanced poly-alloy plastic for light weight and strength. Hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial nylon liner and cheek pads are removable and washable. Ear cavity space for speakers. A flip-up, flush fit, quick release, single turn-screw face shield with side covers; shield itself is curved, optically correct compound, which is scratch-resistant and protects against UV-rays. Shield can be removed to allow open face riding or for use with most goggles. Shield can also be used without the visor with included side cover kit. Smoke tinted inner flip-down sun shield system with left side slide lever. Seventeen points of ventilation with chin, side, forehead and rear vents. Clear-coat finish to protect paint and graphics. Retention system is quick release with sewn on ECE logo. Deluxe carrying bag. DOT and ECE-22.05 certified.



An aerodynamic shell design constructed using an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy


A flush-fit, quick release screw on face shield that is optically correct, compound-curved, scratch-resistant and protects against UV-rays. Shield can be removed to allow open face riding or for use with most goggles.


A removable and adjustable (40mm) screw-on visor. Shield can also be used without the visor. Side cover kit included.


17 points of ventilation with chin, side, forehead, top and rear vent. 7 intake vents and 10 exhaust vents.


Smoke tinted inner flip down sun shield system with left side slide lever.


  • This helmet model meets or exceeds both ECE 22.05 and DOT FMVSS-218 motorcycle helmet safety standards
  • Retention system is Microlock (quick release)
  • Provides ample ear cavity space for most speaker systems
  • There are 4 tinted shields available for this model
  • A clear coat finish to protect paint & graphics
  • A large-size FX-41DS weighs 1.68 kg or 3.69 lbs
  • Available size: XS-XXL

AFX FX-41DS Solid Helmets | category description | 2Wheel

When it comes to street bike safety, you want to make sure that you have the best protection for your head. One of the most effective helmets you can get is a full head street bike helmet. These helmets come with a durable protective outer shell, a comfortable inner lining, and a shatterproof face shield. These helmets are made by top brands including AFX. These helmets are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. One of the top street bike helmets is the AFX FX-41 DS Helmet.

What to Look for in a Street Bike Helmet

The first thing that you should look for in a sport bike helmet is the quality of the build. The good news is that all suitable helmets have DOT certification. Street bike helmets with superior features and performance will be Snell-Certified. When shopping for these helmets, you will want to look at the list of features on a given helmet. From there, you should check the customer reviews to see what people like and what they don't like in a product. Finally, you will want to check to make sure that the helmet is available in your size. For instance, the AFXFX 41 DS Helmet is available in XS to 2XL sizes.

AFX FX-41 DS Solid Helmet Features

This popular street bike adventure helmet comes with an aerodynamic outer shell made with lightweight composite poly-alloy. The AFX FX-41 DS Helmet also features a clear-coat finish to protect paint and graphics, 17 points of ventilation, ample ear cavity space for most speaker systems, and more. An AFX FX-41 gold visor is also available.

The right sport bike helmet, such as the AFX FX-41 DS Helmet, can provide you with incredible protection. Be sure to look at the features on any given helmet and make sure you can find your favorite model in a suitable size and shape.

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Jun 13, 2018
Afx Fx41
Afx Fx41
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Jul 3, 2017
Great value a little on
Great value a little on heavy side but, not gonna find more features on other helmets around same price
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Apr 3, 2017
Solid helmet for the price
First time ordering from these guys and couldn't be happier with the shipping time and quality. Helmet looks totally badass and fits like a glove. I usually wear an XL in helmets, but these are on the larger side so I went with an L. Love the chin strap, never knew there was anything other than D rings, don't know if I can go back now. Some of the vents feel a little cheap, but for the price I can't knock it. Solid helmet and definitely will be buying from 2wheel again.
Giovanni photo of AFX FX-41DS Solid Helmets
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Jul 27, 2016
FX-41 Perfect all the time...half the time.
So it pretty much works like this. This is an amazing helmet, for the price. I think this helmet is best for modders. It has good ventilation and a few cool features, but let's just be looks evil! Just look at it! It's amazing! I've already got a SENA 20S mounted on it, as well as a gold tint shield. Peak has been removed and several even more aggressive vent mods and lighting mods in process. So, why come it's only good half the time? Well I wouldn't have this as a year round helmet. I got this for summer traffic in the south son! I'm just outside Atlanta and drive past Satan's front door step every morning. It's hotter than...well I can't think of anything because I have heatstroke, but it's fucking hot! So, I wouldn't recommend this for year round use. I just can't because I think cold and rain together would be miserable as there are gaps so wide that kids sucking his thumb since he was born will be burning you. However, for dead of summer, please God kill me now if I get stuck at this light one more fucking cycle's amazing. And the ladies love this thing! Awesome conversation starter. Dudes love it too, if that's your thing (I judge ye not!). The gaps are irritating from a quality standpoint but they just help ventilation. That said, bring your earplugs or wear noise cancelling earbuds because this bastard is loud. Again, though, it's only $150ish. So, if you want a good, cheap, comfortable, cheap, full face, cheap, amazing looking, cheap helmet...well you just found it!
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