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Arai Classic-V Solid Helmet

Arai Classic-V Solid Helmet

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Heritage styling with modern luxuries. Traditional stiched faux leather edge trim. Faux leather interior accents. Behind the vintage look are modern technologies. Patented hidden interior ventilitation. Arais uncompromising level of quality and protection. The Classic-V: Look cool. Stay cool.

The Classic-V has Arais INTERMEDIATE OVAL (IO) interior fit shape.

Fresh air enters the 3 forehead channels flowing over the head, pulling away heat. Hot air then escapes through the hidden multistage channel and out the patented Venturi exhaust.

Borrowing from racing heritage, Arai incorporated 3 intake channels in the forehead area, allowing fresh air to enter the helmet and flow more easily to the crown.

Air flowing from the intake channels into the crown escapes through 3 holes in the EPS liner, pulling heat with it, into the hidden multi-staged air channel.

Once air enters the hidden multi-stage air channel in the EPS liner, it is then pulled out by the low pressure created by the patented Venturi exhaust manifold.

When it comes to head protection, just as much effort goes into the new Classic-V shell as we put into every other helmet shell we make. Proprietary PBcLc (Peripherally Belted, complex Laminate construction) shell.

A fundamental Arai feature has always been the One-Piece, Multi-Density Liner.Molding all of the EPS densities into a one-piece EPS liner allows the various densities to work together during an impact.This allows Arai to make a thinner and softer EPS liner for a smaller overall helmet.

Featuring our anti-microbial material, using a low acidic fabric to help maintain a balanced pH level with the skin. It is also odor resistant helping the helmet stay fresher, longer in between cleanings.

Enhancing the old school look of the new Classic-V is the wide, stitched faux leather trim set in a recess channel in the shell for a clean finished look.

Completing the old school look is the faux stitched leather goggle strap holder, that helps keep your goggle straps from sliding up the helmet while riding.

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