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ATV & 4-Wheeling EFI Programmers

The technology running your ATV isn't purely mechanical anymore, with onboard sensors and computers directing fuel injection, engine speed and more. Taking advantage of this lets you truly get the most power and efficiency out of your ATV, and the key to that is an EFI (electronic fuel injection) programmer. 2Wheel is the place to turn to for ATV EFI programmers that give you direct control over fuel injection and optimize performance.

Fine-Tuning On Demand

Tweaking the software that drives your fuel injectors sounds like a daunting endeavor at first, and it would definitely be one if you had to manually edit programming or rewire sensors. However, EFI programmers for ATVs are designed to make this process as user-friendly as possible. Many EFI tuners and controllers streamline the task with features like a straightforward interface for on-the-fly adjustments, preprogrammed settings to quickly switch to and plug-and-play design that works directly with existing sensors. Some also allow you to access the onboard programming with your own computer and provided software, letting you make finer adjustments more easily than trying to muck around in the coding.

Maximize Your Modifications

By default, your ATV's EFI settings are calibrated for stock systems and components. However, when you modify the fuel or injection systems—especially for high-demand use like competitive racing—the stock settings may start holding you back. The sensors still respond as if you're packing the basic hardware, at best restraining peak performance and at worst making it worse than before. The solution is to adjust how the sensors function to match the new rig. You can use a basic EFI tuner to change the sensors controlling air/fuel ratio or a more in-depth programmer to read and write various parameters for a customized tuning. For serious DIY modification, an EFI programmer is a must.

Find What You Need Here

Whether you're new to EFI tuning or looking to grab the most cutting-edge tools, 2Wheel carries all sorts of EFI programmers on sale for you to choose from. Our customers shop with confidence because we not only stock the best, we also back our products with free shipping on orders $75 and up, best price guarantees and full refunds on returns. Order today and see for yourself what makes them keep coming back to us.

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