A 125cc two-wheeler has a big engine in a compact bike for powerful riding on any road. As with many cherished belongings, 125cc owners love to customize their ride to be unique to their performance and style preferences. Although modifying a bike’s performance is more than simply changing a part, there are other features owners can change easily. Here is some more information about the best aftermarket parts for 125cc.

Suzuki GSX-S125

Best Aftermarket Parts for 125cc

Learning how to upgrade your 125cc involves understanding the most important parts first, which are the internal ones. One of the very first things you’ll likely want to do is improve power on your 125cc. There are several parts you can upgrade no matter which model you have:

  • Air filter and exhaust: You’ll want to not only clean the air filter but replace it with an oiled and colored one. Plus, you’ll want a larger exhaust pipe for better horsepower.
  • Sprockets: Although you can change your front or rear sprockets, it’s best to change both. The front sprocket needs fewer teeth than stock, and the back one needs more teeth than stock. These increase the power band of each gear as well as the gear ratio so that it won’t apply the rev limiter as early.
  • Oil and oil filter: Proper engine lubrication gives you better braking and quick acceleration.
  • Port and polished cylinder heads: These allow more airflow into your engine’s combustion chamber. Requires a mechanic for disassembly.
  • Bore and stroke kit: Engine cylinder mod for high power and RPM.
Honda CB125R

All of these changed parts work together to ensure a more efficient exhaust system and more powerful performance to allow you to go even faster. With the lower cost of a 125cc, you can make mods instead of spending more for a bigger engine. Additionally, bigger engines also mean more maintenance.

How to Upgrade Your 125cc

Choosing the best aftermarket parts for 125cc isn’t always about improving power or performance alone. Tires deserve their own special mention because they are just as important as internal mods. High-performance ones will give you better stability regardless of what you’re doing. The grip depends on what you’ll use your 125cc for. If you’re cruising, a flat line tread will not wear down as much as a deep grooved or raised tread.

Yamaha MT-125

There are also external mods for visibility, protection, performance, and more. You can get aftermarket mods for pretty much anything on your bike:

Visibility and protection

  • A mounted license plate bracket: This handy bracket mounts to your 125cc model’s rear axle without any modification necessary, leaving your bike’s style intact.
  • Fender tips: An easy mount on your front fender protects it from rocks and other debris.
  • A sport windshield: This hardier alternative with a universal fit will better protect you against wind shear or a cracked windshield.


  • Tank grips: Very useful for going fast, these go on your motorcycle’s gas tank to give you grip for keeping position and control on your bike, and they also protect the paint.
  • Brake pads: You need brake pads with a high friction level to hold up to aggressive riding, whether you prefer sintered or organic. Sintered are the most popular, especially for racing.
  • A lightweight battery: Weight matters a lot for riding performance, and the easiest way to take off a few pounds is replacing the stock battery. A featherweight lithium battery is not only much lighter than traditional lead batteries but outperforms them.
  • Lever guards: A minimum for many racing organizations.


  • Mirrors
  • A luggage carrier

Improve Power on Your 125cc

Aftermarket parts are desirable and even preferable to standard parts because they are generic parts at lower prices than those of the manufacturer. Not only are there replacement parts available to improve power on your 125cc, but there are also exterior accessories and tires available to modify your bike. Upgrades and high-performance parts take you beyond the exact stock part with a greater selection of styles, materials, and colors to choose from. Since aftermarket parts are universal, they tend to fit all 125cc models with little to no physical altering of the bike. They are also more readily available than standard parts and owners can often apply the mod themselves. Best of all, they are as good as or better than standard parts and increase your bike’s market value.

Making mods to your 125cc model can be as simple as increasing performance or customizing it from front to back. Regardless of what your goals are, you need the best aftermarket parts for 125cc. Stick with brand names you’re familiar with or which your friends recommend to you, and seek out high-quality materials. Consider your budget and how often you want to invest in mods, and you can be the creator of a great new ride.

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