Gauges and rider aids have evolved with technology Motorcycle instruments have advanced from simple, cable operated dials to highly sophisticated electronic readouts, incorporating a variety […]

Strategy – Adventure Snake Oil

» ADVENTURE BY GREGORY W. FRAZIER The motorcycle tour advertisement proclaimed, “The Adventure of a Lifetime.” Interest in the ad copy for the ultimate adventure […]


I HAVE A 28-inch inseam, and finding a bike to fit has always been a problem. My new Triumph Street Twin is fast enough, comfortable, […]

Lean Angle

By David Hilgendorf The world has gone digital. Once analog motorcycles are becoming increasingly controlled by microprocessors. We have inertial measurement units (IMU) connected to […]

Strategy – Bad Decisions

» STREET by Walt Fulton A recent news headline regarding a quadruple fatality motorcycle collision piqued my interest. It’s not every day that two motorcyclists […]


» Can-Am THE SPYDER RT lineup is all-new, with improvements in comfort and features to go with sparkling new colors. There is a new LED […]