As Father’s Day approaches, the yearly question comes with it: What are we going to get for Dad? There are lots of options, and choosing the best one is not always the easiest task. That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide.

Chances are, you’re not looking to buy a new motorcycle. So, we’re going to cover accessories like helmets and jackets. These additional items are perfect gifts because they take the riding experience to a new level. So, what should you buy for Dad? Let’s talk about it.

Motorcycle Helmets for Dad

Aside from the bike itself, the helmet is one of the most important aspects of riding. It protects the head and looks great at the same time. It’s also worth noting that all but three states have motorcycle helmet laws on the books. Here’s what you should know before you browse motorcycle helmets for Dad.

A critical part of buying a helmet is finding the right style. You want to be sure that Dad actually wants to wear it, so picking a style that he likes is important.

There are five main types of helmets: open face, full face, modular, adventure and dirt bike. Open face helmets have a retro look that is ideal for a rider who wants to be safe but still feel the wind in his face.

Full face and modular helmets cover the face in addition to the head. They offer more protection overall and often reduce wind noise. The difference is that face shields on modular helmets can be moved up and down so that a rider can feel the wind if he likes.

Adventure and dirt bike helmets are for the off-roaders. They are goggle-compatible and have a shade piece to cut down on glare. Adventure helmets are a street and off-road hybrid. Whereas dirt bike helmets have no face shield (wearing goggles is the norm), adventure helmets have a face shield that can be removed.

No matter which motorcycle helmet for Dad you ultimately buy, be sure that it fits him. It’s a good idea to take a measurement of his head by wrapping measuring tape around the back of his head and just above the eyebrows. However, if the gift is a surprise, use his hat measurement instead.

Best Protective Motorcycle Jackets

When looking for the best protective motorcycle jackets, the three things to keep in mind are style, material and armor. How these three features are balanced in a jacket is what will make the jacket you buy a good fit for Dad both aesthetically and physically.

Let’s start with style. “Style” here doesn’t just mean whether or not the jacket looks cool. It also refers to the amount of movement and comfort the garment offers. If your father likes to take long trips, be sure to get a jacket that allows for lots of movement and has pockets. Storage on bikes is often lacking. If he prefers shorter trips, a more restrictive jacket may work better if the material and armor are higher quality.

There are two main options when it comes to material. The best protective motorcycle jackets are made of leather because it withstands abrasions well, thus offering more protection in an accident. Though leather has that classic biker look, it is expensive, heavy and often hot. The other option is textile, which is lighter and could be a better choice if the climate in your area is hot.

Armor is a bit controversial in the biking community. Some swear by it, and others think it is totally unnecessary. If you don’t know which option your dad prefers, it’s probably best to forgo this option. Also, it can be uncomfortable on long rides, so men that prefer long leisure rides are probably better off without it.

Hot Weather Pants

Just like jackets, pants need to be suited to the environment and type of riding your father enjoys. Hot weather pants with mesh are often a must since riding in traditional gear in summer heat can be hot and dangerous.

Hot weather pants allow air to pass through the fabric more readily and help the body cool itself naturally. This can be a lifesaver (literally) on longer rides.

As always, the first thing to consider is what your dad will actually wear. Pants come in a variety of colors, materials and styles. Try to match your purchase to the gear your father already owns.

However, it is important to keep in mind that features differ. For example, some pants offer more pockets for storage; others allow for more airflow. Does your dad need storage? Is he more prone to feel hot or cold? These questions will help you figure out which pants to buy.

If you are considering hot weather pants, the product details will help you decide which is best. Pants that have lots of mesh have greater airflow, and pants that have lots of stretch are often more comfortable.

So long as you keep these aspects in mind, your next gift for Dad will be an instant winner. The best part of buying motorcycle gifts for Father’s Day is that you make Dad happy and safer at the same time. It’s a classic win-win scenario.

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