Getting the right gadgets and accessories for your motorcycle can make the riding experience much more enjoyable, which is why it’s important to take the time to consider each of the options available. Choices include gadgets for driver enjoyment, audio entertainment, or even road safety. Some of the most popular gadgets on the market today include camera equipment for motorcycles, devices and helmets with Bluetooth compatibility, and lighting accessories. Taking a look at how these gadgets work and each of the available options will help you to find the right one for your specific driving preferences.

Camera Equipment for Motorcycles

Recording your motorcycle rides and driving experiences can be a great way to hold on to enjoyable memories. Whether it be an awesome trip vlog or a quick action video, using camera equipment for motorcycles to capture the moment allows you to store and save your content. Two options are a helmet-mounted camera and a motorcycle-mounted camera. Many of the products have a ball joint connector for easy adjustments and smooth pivoting mobility.

The helmet-mounted cameras capture your head movements and provide a more personalized video while the motorcycle-mounted camera has a more focused view on the road ahead or whichever direction you fix the mount. Two common products are the Sena Prism Tube camera, which is a helmet-mounted camera, and the Drift Ghost camera, which is a motorcycle-mounted camera. There are also a few popular accessories available to go with your camera equipment, such as memory chips, a camera bag/case, or additional mounts and adapters.

Bluetooth Communication

Another way to get the most out of your riding experience is to have a solid sound system to provide good music along the way. Bluetooth communication allows you to connect your device to your sound system without the need for cords or a physical connection, helping to avoid tangling, messes, and disconnections. You can use the system to listen to music and communicate using your personal devices.

Two types of Bluetooth options include an installable audio receiver and an integrated helmet Bluetooth system. The audio receiver can be installed and controlled from your motorcycle just like an in-car receiver, but it adds Bluetooth compatibility for communication and streaming. The helmet-integrated device is designed for making calls and streamlining communication while on the road. A common choice for the Bluetooth receiver is the Aquatic AV for Harley Davidson motorcycles while a common choice for the integrated helmet Bluetooth device is the Sena Bluetooth headset. Additional accessories include a Bluetooth adapter, a Bluetooth amplifier, and a stereo transmitter.

Lighting Accessories

Using lights on your motorcycle can not only provide additional safety measures but also add a sleek aesthetic. A motorcycle well-equipped with lighting accessories ensures a wide visual range for night driving and also makes other drivers aware of its presence on the road. Body lights or even lights on the saddlebags can bring an extra shine to the motorcycle trim and increase the overall exterior attractiveness.

There are many types of lighting accessories available, such as halogen driving lamps, headlights with the block, LED light kits, LED taillights, spotlights, pod lights, turn signal lights, accent lights, the previously mentioned saddlebag lights, and more. Halogen driving lamps provide extra bright beams for farther views on the road to make sure you can see far ahead. Headlights with an attached block allow you to install your headlights in the location that gives you the best view while LED light kits cover much of the body with LED visibility and aesthetics in an all-in-one package. LED taillights allow drivers behind you to be more aware of your braking in the nighttime, and spotlights enable you to direct light to where you need focused visibility at any time. Pod lights bring a glow style to the motorcycle and are designed to be easily installed. Turn signal lights are essential for any rider as changing lanes or making turns requires a light that lets everyone on the road know where you’re heading, which is especially important for motorcyclists. Accent lights are integrated into the motorcycle body to engineer a night-presence aesthetic for riders who want their bike to stand out. Saddlebag lights make it easier for you to access your cargo with background lighting. Additional items you may come across when looking for lighting accessories include USB accessory sockets, electrical harnesses, light adapters, and light bars.

Considering every option available can help you to find the right gadgets for your motorcycle preferences and make the most out of your driving experience. Being able to record your driving adventures and keep your memories will allow you to share the best of your trips. If you like to be able to talk on the phone or listen to your favorite music while out on the road, taking a look at the available Bluetooth audio gadgets could help you to find the perfect solution. Getting the right lighting kit adds safety benefits and complements the look of your motorcycle, which is why browsing through the available options is a good idea.

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