The popularity of the Honda Grom has been growing recently. There are more people taking this mini bike on the road for fun. Often, many people perceive a bike to be a serious investment. However, the Grom and similar small bikes make it easy and fun to own and maintain a bike. You can also enhance the performance of your bike by using some of the best Honda Grom mods available on the market.

Honda Grom Specs

Honda Grom specs are impressive and offer you great performance, and the bike captures innovation in its equipment. This bike has clear and bright LED lamps instead of bulky taillights. Its instrument display includes a tachometer, fuel gauge, A&B trip meters, odometer, speedometer, clock, and low/high beam indicator.

The bike has a four-speed transmission that offers the efficiency, control, and durability you need for your ride. Other features that make this bike an awesome acquisition include the low-mount muffler, the sharp bodywork, and the LED headlight and cowl.

This impressive mini bike has a 1.45-gallon fuel tank. It also has strong and tough wheels as well as tires fit for urban roads. The Honda Grom top speed is about 56 mph, with a mileage of about 47 km/L.

Here is a summary of some Honda Grom specs:

  • 124.9cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine
  • 52.4mm by 57.9mm bore and stroke
  • Electronic ignition
  • 4-speed transmission
  • PGM-FI with automatic enrichment induction
  • 31mm inverted fork and 3.9 inches of travel for the front suspension
  • Rear suspension with single shock with steel box-section swingarm and 4.1 inches of travel
  • Single 220mm disc with hydraulic dual-piston caliper front brakes
  • Single 190mm disc with hydraulic single piston caliper rear brakes
  • 47.2-inches wheelbase
  • 81mm trail
  • 25-degree rake

Best Honda Grom Mods

Once you have your Honda Grom, there’s a range of modifications you can add to your bike to make it more powerful, efficient, and effective. You can use the best Honda Grom mods to customize the bike to your style and improve your bike’s performance. This guide highlights some of the modifications you can make to give your Grom the look and feel you desire. The good thing about the Honda Grom is that there is so much room for modifications. That has allowed the aftermarket for the bike to explode as the bike has found its niche.


The aftermarket exhaust is one of the most popular and best Honda Grom mods. Since the Grom is tiny, it rarely gets any recognition by drivers on the road. It also has a very quiet OEM exhaust. To make the Grom more noticeable on the road, you have to either make it louder or bigger. Making it bigger is not possible, so the only option you have is to give it an exhaust that makes it loud enough for everyone to notice.

A noticeable sound is good for your safety on the road. However, the Honda Grom aftermarket exhaust also gives your ride extra power. While it may not increase the power by more than 1 horsepower, it still provides a decent increase from a lightweight modification.

Stunt Cage

The Grom is made for fun but when having fun in Honda Grom top speed, things can happen. You need protection in case you fall with your Grom. Installing a stunt cage ensures you have the protection to minimize the damage to your bike. You can either have a full cage or frame sliders for specific parts.

Bars and Mirrors

The Honda Grom has tall handlebars. The handlebars are a result of Honda trying to enhance the comfort of the Grom. While they are functionally okay, some people don’t like the look of the tall handlebars on the small bike. Aftermarket bars are some of the best Honda Grom mods.

You can get bars that fit nicely to the size of your Grom. A nice set of bars gives you a better and more aggressive riding position. You can find bars that match your style as well, boosting your confidence as you hit the road.

As you look for aftermarket handlebars, remember that the Grom has 7/8-inch thick handlebars. Finding the right size for your bike is critical. You can also include bar-end mirrors in your upgrade.

Integrated Taillight

An integrated taillight spruces up the Honda Grom specs. It is a major improvement from the OEM turn signals of the Grom. Adding a taillight is especially necessary if you install a fender eliminator. As you install an integrated taillight, you also need to upgrade your front turn signals to match the taillights.

Fender Elimination

The Honda Grom has a few features that don’t perform well with most people. One of them is the rear OEM fender. While the rear fender does provide protection to the rider against water and mud in wet or rainy conditions, it’s considered an eyesore by many. That’s why fender elimination is among the most popular of Honda Grom mods. You can have a smaller fender, or do away with it entirely.

As you make the modification, you need to consider the legal requirements. Installing some fender eliminators may make your license plate hard to see. To make sure you’re in compliance with the law, you’ll need to ensure the fender eliminators allow your license plates to be seen.


OEM levers are long and easily break or bend when the bike drops. They are one of the best Honda Grom mods that you can make. You can either fix it before your current OEM levers bend or break, or you can wait until the inevitable occurs. Aftermarket levers offer you a solution to your OEM levers. They are also easy to install.

Short levers rarely bend or break as they don’t hit the ground when the bike drops. The aftermarket levers are adjustable to allow you to customize them to the perfect distance for you.


The Grom aftermarket has kits that you can use to adjust the bike’s suspension. You can customize the front and rear suspension to match your weight and other preferences and needs. It’s among the best Honda Grom mods that improve the feel you get from the bike.

The Honda Grom is a fun bike. If you don’t like all the standard features on it, though, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t modify it to suit you. Consider some of these best Honda Grom mods for a better experience.

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