You have a significant amount of time, money and effort invested in your favorite motorcycle. Unfortunately, though, weather, UV rays, pollution and dirt can take a toll on the overall look of your machine. Even worse, if you regularly expose your bike to outside conditions, some of its essential systems may wear out prematurely.

If you do not have a garage or storage facility where you can park your motorcycle, you’re not completely out of luck. The best motorcycle covers provide excellent protection for your cruiser, sport bike, dirt bike, ATV or other machine.

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The Basics

While parking your motorcycle in a climate-controlled garage is probably best, doing so simply is not an option for many riders. Fortunately, if you choose the right cover, you get excellent all-weather protection for your machine.

You should understand that there is really no such thing as the perfect motorcycle cover. Instead, what works well for one bike and its owner may be inappropriate for another. As such, when selecting a bike cover, you must consider the following four components:

  • Size
  • Weather
  • Heat
  • Security


Once you have decided to invest in a cover for your motorcycle, you need to know how to choose a motorcycle cover. The first task is to eliminate any cover that does not fit your bike perfectly. After all, if your cover is too small, it may not protect essential components. An oversized cover, by contrast, may droop onto the ground. This may encourage moisture, dirt, mold or mildew to accumulate.

Ideally, you likely want to select a cover that is tailor-made to fit your bike’s make, model and year. When shopping for your new cover, simply input information about your bike into the search tool to be certain you order one that fits like a glove.

It is possible to get a great deal on a top-quality universal cover, nonetheless. If you decide to go this route, look for a cover with an elastic bottom. Or, find one with grommets that allow you to pull excess fabric away from the ground.

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If you store your bike outdoors, weather is the enemy. Clearly, though, climate varies from place to place. As such, you must think about typical weather conditions in your area. Still, keeping moisture away from your bike is your ultimate goal.

When it comes to moisture protection, you have two options: a water-resistant cover or a waterproof one. You should know, though, that these covers offer different levels of protection. While a waterproof cover prevents moisture from passing through it, a water-resistant one has a breathable textile that may allow for moisture to move through more easily.

While you may initially think a waterproof cover is superior to a water-resistant one, this may not be the case. After all, if you park your bike on a wet surface, a waterproof cover may trap moisture from the ground under the cover. This, in turn, may allow rust to form. A water-resistant cover, by contrast, may facilitate moisture escape, offering better protection in the long run.

The Covermax Deluxe Motorcycle Cover features water-resistant polyester with a PU coating. On the seams of this cover, though, there is a waterproof seal. This offers moisture protection where water infiltration may be most common. Even better, the top of the cover has a ventilation system that allows built-up moisture to move away from your bike.

If you do not have much concern for accumulated moisture, opting for a waterproof cover may be a better approach. That is, you may not store your bike on a wet surface. While there are some excellent waterproof covers on the market today, the Tourmaster Elite Motorcycle Cover is among the best motorcycle covers. This cover has 300-denier polyester that keeps your bike dry even during torrential rains.


Like moisture, heat can be a problem for your motorcycle. When shopping for a cover to protect your bike from temperature, you have two concerns. First, you want to combat harmful UV rays from the sun. Additionally, you must compensate for the heat your bike generates.

With virtually all motorcycle covers, waiting until your bike cools to install the cover is a good idea. After all, if you put a fabric, plastic or another type of cover on your hot motorcycle, you risk starting a fire. You may also inadvertently fuse parts of your cover to hot parts of your machine.

If you routinely need to quickly cover your bike after riding it, you are not out of luck. Many motorcycle covers, such as the Tourmaster Elite, have aluminized heat panels that cover hot parts of your machine. This design protects the cover from melting if your bike is still warm when you cover it.

For superior UV protection, you should select a thick cover. For example, the Gears Premium Motorcycle Cover has 600-denier polyester that puts an effective barrier between your motorcycle and the sun. This cover also has heat guards, so you can install it soon after a ride. Even better, because the Gears Premium cover has a non-abrasive material that touches your bike’s windscreen, you don’t have to worry about scratching.


If you park your bike outside, you must think about both theft and vandalism. While even the best type of motorcycle cover can only do so much to protect your bike from unscrupulous passersby, you can choose a cover that has some security features. Specifically, you should look for one that has grommets that are compatible with a locking device.

The Tourmaster Select Motorcycle Cover is a good option. In addition to a variety of protective features, this cover has grommets on the bottom that allow you to pull the cover tight and install a lock. The high-density 150-denier polyester and reinforced seams on the Tourmaster Select also resist cuts and tears.

Completing Your Purchase

Clearly, to protect your motorcycle after parking it outside, you have some excellent options. Now that you understand how to choose the perfect outdoor motorcycle cover for your favorite bike, you are ready to shop. Take a look at the best motorcycle covers on the market today and pick the right one for your machine.

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