It is often agreed by many that a motorcycle helmet is the most important and essential piece of gear for riders. Protecting your noggin is a given. However, it may come as a surprise to learn that motorcycle gloves are next in line as the most important piece of gear for motorcycle riders. Understanding the importance of motorcycle gloves, how to choose the right pair, and figuring out the size you need can help you experience a safe, enjoyable ride.

Why Wear Motorcycle Gloves?

Riding a motorcycle provides a sense of freedom that a car simply does not offer. The feel of the wind and sun is often described as exhilarating for some and calming for others. When purchasing riding gear, perhaps you spent time researching some of the best helmets around before you found the one you wanted, but what about the gloves? You may be wondering, “Why wear motorcycle gloves?”

Motorcycle gloves are about more than just appearances. Gloves provide you with both comfort and safety. From a safety standpoint, the first thing you often do when you fall is throw your hands out in front of you.

Now, imagine bracing yourself for a fall with your hands as you come crashing down off a motorcycle. The damage sustained to your hands would be devastating, to say the least. Gloves help keep your skin intact in the event of a fall, thus protecting you from painful and possibly permanent damage.

Gloves also provide your hands with protection against fatigue. If you have ever held onto the handlebars of a motorcycle while it is running, you know that you can feel the vibration of the bike. As you are riding along, gripping the handlebars, that vibration can put a strain on the muscles in your hands.

In the unfortunate event that your hands experience fatigue, it can cause your muscles to cramp up. Cramped muscles can decrease your safety while riding a motorcycle. Gloves help dampen the vibrations, which reduces the likelihood of muscle fatigue. Also, textured gloves can help improve your grip on the handlebars, which gives you more control over your motorcycle.

Do not forget that motorcycle gloves also play an important role when it comes to your comfort. Depending on the type of gloves you purchase, they can provide you with comfort in both the hot summer months and the cold winter months. For instance, winter gloves can keep your hands warm, and summer gloves can help keep your hands cool and sweat-free.

What Is the Difference Between Summer and Winter Motorbike Gloves?

Now that you understand the importance of motorcycle gloves, it is time to ensure that you have at least a couple pairs in your arsenal of riding gear. You at least need a pair suited for winter weather and another suited for summer weather. 

You might think that a pair of gloves is a pair of gloves. Sure, they come in different colors and fabrics, but that’s about the only difference, right? Truth be told, motorcycle gloves are available in different fabrics for more than just looks. Depending on the fabric and style of glove, they can help provide additional comfort depending on the weather.

For instance, gauntlet-style gloves are gloves that cover the hands and the wrists. Typically, gauntlet gloves are worn by motorbike racers looking to protect their hands in the event of a crash. However, the rugged gloves are also great at protecting your hands and wrists against cold and moisture.

Therefore, gauntlet-style gloves are just one example of a set of gloves that would serve you well in the rain or cold weather. Winter gloves are typically thicker and longer than summer gloves, which keeps the cold wind from reaching the skin on your hands. Your gloves should provide you with as much protection against the cold as your jacket or coat.

During the summer, you may find the thought of wearing motorcycle gloves revolting. Who wants to deal with sweaty, uncomfortable hands? The short answer is no one. Thankfully, summer gloves are often made from a fabric that allows for ventilation, which helps keep your hands cool. You may also find gloves made from a moisture-wicking fabric that removes sweat from your skin while riding.

What Size Motorcycle Gloves Do I Need?

Now that you know the importance of motorcycle gloves and how to choose the right pair depending on the weather, you are close to making your purchase, but wait! Now you need to understand how to size your gloves properly. The last question to ask is, “What size motorcycle gloves do I need?”

Just as it is important to find a helmet, jacket, and boots that fit you snug for safety, it is just as important to find gloves that do the same. Loose-fitting gloves would reduce your ability to grip the handles of your bike, which could reduce handling and maneuverability. Also, ill-fitting gloves could fly off in the event of a crash.

Think of your gloves as armor. When shopping for gloves, make sure you choose a pair that feels snug on your hands. The material should form around your entire hand, including between your fingers. There should be no excess material where the webbing of your fingers is or at the tips of your fingers.

Keep in mind that leather gloves tend to stretch as time goes by. Therefore, you want to choose a pair of leather gloves that feel just a tad tight. Eventually, the leather will form to your hand and feel comfortably snug. If you purchase a pair of fabric or textile gloves, the fit should be perfect at the time you buy them. If the material stretches or loosens around your hands, it is time to buy a new pair.

Now that you have your new set of motorcycle gloves picked out, go ahead and try them out. Before taking your bike out on the road, sit down on your bike and put your hands on the handles. You should familiarize yourself with the feeling of the handles and controls of the bike with the gloves on. Once you have a feel for your new gloves, hop on your motorcycle and head on out to enjoy a ride.

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