Shoei motorcycle helmets have been an industry staple for more than 60 years. They have become synonymous with high-quality protection and fine craftsmanship. Shoei manufactures motorcycle helmets in a variety of styles, such as Shoei Neotec helmets. Each style has its advantages. Here’s a comparison of the best Shoei helmets.

Shoei Neotec Helmets

Shoei first introduced the Neotec helmet in 2012. Shoei Neotec helmets are flip-up helmets with top and chin vents for improved air circulation. The dual-vent system is a plus because flip-up helmets tend to be less ventilated than other motorcycle helmet models. Neotec helmets are available in black, white, silver, red, yellow and metallic prints. The Anthracite Metallic color is particularly eye-catching and unique.

Neotec helmets fit almost all head shapes and are available in three sizes. They are constructed from a weather-resistant composite of fibers that is suitable for all riding conditions. You can speed down the highway with ease because the shell integrated spoiler minimizes drag. The helmets also feature a sun visor with internal rotation capability. The soft liner makes the helmet comfortable to wear for long distances. Thick padding reduces the external noise. Shoei Neotec helmets are fitted with a UV-resistant face shield. Instead of using an anti-fog coating, which can be less reliable, Shoei markets the Neotec with an optional anti-fog attachment that can be installed. The Neotec is a versatile and user-friendly helmet.

Shoei Hornet X2 Helmets

Shoei Hornet X2 helmets have been on the market since 2015. It’s a dual sport helmet, which means that it’s suited for both street riding and off-road adventures. The Hornet X2 is available in white, black, gray, silver, matte black and a variety of Shoei’s “Seeker” prints. You can buy the Hornet X2 in one of four sizes, all of which have an oval shape to suit the majority of riders. You will also enjoy extra length and width with the V460 visor. The visor can be detached from the peak of the helmet almost immediately. The flatter front construction gives riders added visibility and less distortion. The face shield is matched with a spring-loaded rotation.

Shoei Hornet X2 Solid Helmet

There’s enough space with the padding and liner to allow you to wear goggles or glasses while riding. The exterior is made of fiberglass to keep the helmet’s weight down. To cope with the possibility of crashes, Shoei installed a quick release feature for the cheek pads. This safety element will help you remove the helmet quickly in an emergency situation. Speakers can be installed in the ear pockets. Compared with similar helmets, the Hornet X2 is relatively quiet. As for ventilation, there are seven exhaust openings on the top of the helmet. The frontal vents can be closed during cold or windy days.

Shoei RF-1200 Helmets

Shoei RF-1200 helmets are full-face helmets that are suitable for sports and adventure riders. They feature a CWR-1 shield that’s more rigid and doesn’t bend under pressure. The visor filters 99% of UV rays. The QRE base plate seals the helmet against wind and water. Shoei’s Emergency Quick Release System allows easy cheek pad removal after crashes or injuries.

The ventilation mechanism consists of one tripartite chin vent and a series of forehead vents. The hypoallergenic lining is removable and washable. The helmet fastens with a D-Ring clip. Shoei gives riders the option of installing a photochromic visor, which is ideal for full-face helmets. The photochromic visor adjusts the amount of light that filters through.

Shoei VXF-W Helmets

Shoei VXF-W helmets are dirt-bike helmets that are excellent for off-roading. They are aerodynamically designed to withstand pressure and protect you if you crash. The construction base is Shoei’s renowned Advanced Integrated Matrix System, which is several fiberglass layers. The surface is smoothed with a high-quality finish. The integrated ventilation system has eight inlets located at the chin, forehead, top and rear of the helmet. When you purchase your VXF-W helmet, you’ll benefit from the five-year warranty. The dual density liner is made of polyurethane foam that absorbs moisture and keeps it away from your skin. The helmet fastens with a Double D clip so you can adjust it each time you ride.

A notable feature is the shock absorbent lining under the chin pad to protect the jaw from shattering in a crash. The VXF-W also has a sticker instructing EMTs how to use the emergency cheek pad release function. Riders can put an anti-glare strip under the peak of the helmet to reduce the impact of direct sunlight.

The best Shoei helmet for you is the helmet that suits your riding style. You’ll need a lightweight helmet with plenty of ventilation that’s not too noisy. Depending on whether you’ll be going off-road, you also want to make sure your helmet can handle a crash. These Shoei helmets offer a lot of benefits, so take the time to pick the one that fits your needs.

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