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New Arai Corsair-X Nakano Helmet
SAVE $97.99 (10%)
New Arai Corsair-X Planet Helmet
SAVE $97.99 (10%)
New Arai Vector-2 Blaze Helmets
SAVE $64.99 (10%)
New Arai VX-Pro4 Bogle Helmets
SAVE $74.99 (10%)
New Arai XD4 Vision Helmets
SAVE $73.99 (10%)
New Arai DT-X Guard Helmets
SAVE $72.99 (10%)
New Arai DT-X Solid Helmets
$530.96 - $539.96
SAVE $59.99 (10%)

2W is an Authorized Arai Dealer

Arai has been making motorcycle helmets by hand for decades and is considered one of the premier motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world. Focusing on rider protection, Arai helmets have developed their R75 shape outer shell, which incorporates a strict adherence to 75mm of radial curve pertaining to the overall shape of the helmet.

Arai believes that this consistent roundness of the helmet decreases surface area with which other objects and uneven ground surfaces can in part friction upon the helmet during a crash, thus limiting rotational forces and stress to the rider's head. Building upon this philosophy Arai incorporates a multi faceted fitment system to ensure the rider what is arguably the best possible fit within the industry, and all Arai helmets feature their innovative Emergency Release System.

Try the Arai difference, and with a 5 year warranty, you may become a believer!