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As most bikers know, the best-looking seat isn't always the most practical. That goes double for taller riders, who often have to sacrifice style for performance. Here at 2Wheel, we help our long-legged friends find game changers like La Pera Outcast Seats. These American-made saddles offer show bike looks and luxurious, long-distance comfort at the same time. We also deliver some of the lowest prices on Le Pera Outcast Seats and make it easy to find all the gear and accessories you need.

Comfort and Support

Stretch out and settle in for the ride of a lifetime because Le Pera Outcast Seats provide an extra 2 inches of leg room. That comfort goes both ways, too, as the deep seating area runs a full 15 inches wide. Special contours enable unrestricted movement for mile after mile, while providing solid back and leg support. What's more, La Pera seat materials are top-notch, from the molded, single-piece foam foundation to the high-quality, inky black vinyl that covers it, right down to the powder-coated, 16-gauge steel base. If you're in the market for Le Pera Outcast Seats motorcycle parts on sale, keep in mind that these models are built specifically for those who don't ride with a passenger.

Unmatched Versatility

If your current ride is fitted with a luggage rack, there's no need to worry. La Pera Outcast Seats are tapered in the back, so yours will fit your bike just fine. In addition, the 12-inch by 7-inch padded backrest is removable, so if you're on a short ride or a daily commute, you can mix things up with a new look. When the weekend arrives and you hit the road for a longer trip, just snap the backrest in and lean back.

At 2Wheel, we know that protecting your motorcycle is always a priority. You take care to add parts and accessories that upgrade your bike without compromising its core quality. Rest (and ride) easy knowing that Le Pera Outcast Seats motorcycle parts online are carpeted on the bottom to ensure that your fender is safe from any sort of wear and tear. Search or browse today to learn more about these and other top-of-the-line products.

What is the Le Pera Outcast Seats Manufacturer Warranty?

Le Pera seats have a one year warranty from original purchase date against defects in material and workmanship. Damages not related to workmanship or material defects can be repaired for a fee.

* Some manufacturers do not allow us to extend discounts. Please see our list of Discount Exclusions for more information.
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