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When you need dependable wheels for your ATV, UTV or motorcycle, turn to STI. From careening around sand dunes to enjoying smooth, comfortable rides down blacktop on your favorite bike, find the best STI tires and accessories you need today. Compare the lowest prices on STI tires today by shopping online and easily matching the dimensions you need and the models you love.

Premier Offroad Tires

STI produces leading offroad tires for all types of ATV and UTV adventures. Rock your way through a dense woods, climb up steep and muddy paths or conquer sand dunes with specialized STI tires for all terrains. Be sure to shop based on your specific tire size to find hassle-free replacements for your offroad vehicle.

For race-ready performance, STI also has track-ready alternatives for your ATV. Pull ahead of the competition with wear-and-tear resistant tires that handle curves like a champ. When you choose STI, you’re investing in leading tires and wheels for any challenge.

Dependable Motorcycle Options

From the blacktop to the dirt race track, your motorcycle needs reliable treads for everyday use. Thanks to a wide range of STI motorcycle parts on sale at 2Wheel, you can prepare your cruiser or dirtbike for a fun-filled weekend. STI tires can improve your motocross performance or offer an affordable replacement for your everyday commuter bike.

Motorcycle tires are available in a range of treads, diameters and other specifications, so be sure you choose a tire that matches your current wheels. Compare tread types for offroad traction or improved fuel economy for blacktop commuting.

Excellent Wheels, Accessories and More

While you’re upgrading your tires, don’t forget to grab a set of wheels and tubes for a complete aftermarket replacement. Check out aftermarket wheel options that provide lightweight, durable rims of the same size, or swap out your OEM wheels for larger or smaller diameter alternatives for a brand-new ride.

Keep up-to-date with the latest STI motorcycle parts online at 2Wheel. Whether you’re gearing up for a fast-paced ride through the wilderness or getting ready for a big race, STI tires, wheels and accessories give you the dynamic treads and reliable materials you need to conquer any challenge.

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