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Cometic Gasket Cam Plate to Oil Pump O-Ring Seals

SKU: 68-10210

High-quality products for long-term reliability.Manufactured from premium fuel-resistant m... Read More

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Cometic Gasket
Cometic Gasket Cam Plate to Oil Pump O-Ring Seals

High-quality products for long-term reliability.

Manufactured from premium fuel-resistant materials that will not creep, crack or become brittle.

Gaskets available in multiple types to best suit the intended application.

Extreme Sealing Technology (EST) gaskets feature embossed steel gaskets covered with a proprietary rubber material or solid copper, depending on the application.

Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) gaskets feature two outer Viton-coated embossed spring steel layers with an inner steel layer to provide additional support.

CFM is a composite material with a steel tang center laminated to provide excellent heat tolerance without delaminating while providing a long lasting seal.

Single-Layer Steel (SLS) gaskets feature a stainless steel core and embossed outer surfaces that create a heavy-duty seal between the center steel layer and the gasket mating surfaces.

Aluminum Foamette Material (AFM) gaskets feature an aluminum core and a chemically blown, compounded nitrile synthetic rubber coating that is bonded to the outside layer; do not require gasket sealer.

Viton gaskets feature a stainless steel core with a .001 thick coating of Viton rubber on both sides.

Made in the U.S.A.

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