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Cruiser Helmet Locks

Individuals who own cruisers are often frequent riders and may make relatively long trips on their bikes. Therefore, being able to easily secure your helmet to your bike can be vital as helmets can be relatively inconvenient to carry. Cruiser helmet locks are a surprisingly affordable way to easily secure your helmet to your bike while you enter stores, restaurants or hotels or simply for an easy at-home storage solution. While you're looking for a motorcycle cruiser helmet lock, keep in mind what kind of helmet you have as that can impact the variety of lock you need.

Cruiser Helmet Locks for Half Helmets

Cruiser half helmets are slightly different than traditional, full-face helmets. You can use the same lock to secure the helmet to your bike; however, you may have to position the lock on a different area of the helmet. One common mistake is connecting the lock to the strap in such a way that it could be removed, which can lead to unintentional theft or the helmet falling off the bike. Cruiser motorcycle helmet locks should be safely secured before you leave the helmet unattended with the bike.

Modular Helmet Locks

Like half helmets, cruiser modular helmets have a slightly different design. Typically, these helmets should be secured to the bike through the straps as well. However, you’ll want to avoid securing it in a way that it can be disconnected without disengaging the lock. These helmets have under-chin straps, which often converge at a V point near the top of the straps. This is a great area for connecting these modular helmets to the cruiser helmet locks.

As long as you are careful and ensure that your helmet is properly connected to the lock, cruiser motorcycle helmet locks are great for easily securing and storing your helmet when you’re on the go. The locks can be opened by either combination or key, making it easy for you to find a lock that meets your needs so you can store your helmet.

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