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Daytona Twin Tec
Daytona Twin Tec Twin Scan II Scan Tool

Compatible with 2001-2014 H-D fuel injected models using Delphi system (including V-Rod) with J1850 data bus and 2003-2006 carbureted models with new 12 pin ignition module. Note: Not compatible with 2011 and later models with CAN data bus.

Anti-skid brake system (ABS) brake bleeding functions for 2008-2013 touring models. For more information, refer to the Twin Scan II Tech FAQ.

Support for new 2006 and later closed loop fuel injection systems. Displays throttle position and twist grip sensor data on 2008-2013 touring models with electronic throttle control.

Uses laptop PC for display. Includes Windows software. Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes from engine control module (ECM), turn signal/security module (TSM/TSSM), speedometer, tach, and anti-skid braking system (ABS).

Real time display of engine data on instrument panel type display.

Built-in data logging. Stores up to 45 minutes of data. Automatically triggers when a trouble code is set. Shows data before and after code is set.

Includes two analog inputs for air/fuel ratio (AFR). All Twin Scan II ABS units can be upgraded to a Twin Scan II ABS Plus for use as a tuning aid.

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Can this tool be used on more than one bike?
Roger • Mar 23, 2020
Best Answer: Hello, This product has fitment for a wide variety of Harley Davidson models if that is what you are asking. Regards, 844-761-2040
Staff • Nick • Mar 24, 2020
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