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Gears Gen X-4 Heated Jacket Liner

SKU: 2820-4206

The Gen X 4 heated liner with ZEPTO features the latest in innovation and heating technology enab... Read More

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Gears Gen X-4 Heated Jacket Liner

The Gen X 4 heated liner with ZEPTO features the latest in innovation and heating technology enabling you to create your own personal micro-climate and keeping you warm and toasty all the time. Its like the adventure never ends.

Flexfit design: Ergonomically designed to give a snug fit.

Lycra panels on the sides and shoulders gives you all the movement you need.

Ribbed Cuffs for maximum comfort.

Conveniently located external zipper keeps stuff dry.

Light weight: Our ZEPTO heat metal fibre technology is so light and flexible you wont even feel it, fibres made in France.

Breathable: Micro bacterial and water-repellent outer shell lets air circulate through out the jacket, works best when worn over a full sleeve T-shirt and under an outer jacket.

Zepto Heat: Our ZEPTO Heat fibres provide complete distribution of heat on the front, back, arms and collars leaving no cold spots.

Multipurpose use: Designed to be powered with a 12V battery, you can power it to a motorcycle, Snowmobile, ATV or scooter getting continuous heat or use our very own 12V light weight and wireless battery packs. (Battery Packs not included).

Comes with a 20in. battery cord.

Glove connector cable is provided at end of each sleeve.

Has 2 input connections allowing the temperature of the Jacket and gloves to be controlled independently when connected with our dual switch cord or dual temperature controller (Controller or Switch not included).

Jacket produces 87 watts of heat and draws 6.4Amps of current (Tested When engine is idling).

Gears Gen X 4 Heated Jacket Liner

Though some people put away their motorcycles at the end of the fall when the temperature drops, others know that they can keep riding through the winter with the right gear. You'll want a good pair of gloves that protect your hands from the cold air as well as a jacket. Leather jackets are a good choice because they deflect the cold and wind away from you. You can also grab the Gen X 4 heated jacket liner to pair with another coat.

Ergonomic Fit

A common complaint that some have about motorcycle jackets and liners is that they're a little too heavy or bulky. The ergonomic design of the Gears Gen X 4 heated jacket liner means that it fits your body like a glove. Both the shoulders and panels on the side of the liner use Lycra that moves as you move. Whether you need to take a tight corner like a speed demon or drive through a snowstorm, those panels will help the liner move in the direction that you need.

Lightweight and Breathable

Many of the heated jacket reviews point out that liners are lightweight and breathable. The snug and lightweight fit ensures that it works beneath your favorite winter coat or jacket. With the breathable design, you don't need to worry about possibly overheating during a long ride. It also uses ZEPTO heat fibers that evenly distribute the heat produced by the liner over your entire upper body.

Multiple Uses

As you shop for a Gen X 4 heated jacket liner, keep in mind that you can wear it in a variety of situations. This isn't just for motorcycle riders because you can wear it on a snowmobile or an ATV, too. It comes with a battery cord that measures 20 inches long that connects to any 12V battery. As long as you keep it connected, it will produce all the heat that you need to stay warm. Connector cables stick out from below the glove areas, which makes plugging it in and getting the heat that you need easy.

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