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Harddrive Compensator Eliminator Sprocket

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Much quieter than stock diaphragm spring style compensator.Available in 32 and 34 tooth sp... Read More

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Harddrive Compensator Eliminator Sprocket

Much quieter than stock diaphragm spring style compensator.

Available in 32 and 34 tooth sprocket.

Improves starting and starter life.

Harddrive Compensator Eliminator Sprocket

Although the chain drive on your motorcycle is a reliable way to provide power to the rear wheel, it does have its drawbacks. One potential challenge is that the chain will slip around the sprocket when you first apply power to start your motorcycle. If this continues for too long, it could wear out the starter motor, leading to an expensive repair. With a hard drive compensator eliminator, this challenge will be overcome, and you can experience much smoother starts.

Get Plenty of Teeth

When looking for a compensator eliminator sprocket, it's important to find one with the right number of teeth to properly engage with your motorcycle's drive chain. This will help provide the smoothest starts because the sprocket will advance at the same rate as your chain and engine. While sprockets with fewer teeth may work, they won't provide the same quality results that you expect and deserve.

Additionally, once you have your sprocket installed, it's important to inspect it regularly to make sure none of the teeth have gone missing. If you keep your sprocket properly lubricated and buy a quality sprocket from the start, missing teeth will be much less of a concern.

Choose the Right Size

Proper sizing of your sprocket is crucial to make sure that your chain maintains the proper tension at all times. Consult your motorcycle's repair manual to find the correct type of sprocket to ensure that you receive the full benefits of a compensator eliminator sprocket.

One way to do this is to buy a sprocket that is made from a metal that doesn't expand or contract much as the temperature changes. Since you will be counting on your compensator eliminator sprocket when performing cold starts, it needs to be the same size when it's cold as it is when it warms up during normal operation. Otherwise, you could end up with too much slack or too much stress on the chain, which could lead to inefficient operation.

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Mar 23, 2019
comp sprocket
fit perfectly and I like the way it makes my street glide accelerate
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Feb 13, 2018
Harddrive Compensator Sprocket
Perfect fit ... Made well !!
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Oct 5, 2017
Works very well. Noisier than
Works very well. Noisier than I thought but that's fine.
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I bought one of these for my 2012 flhx, new haden tensioner, 43 tooth chain. I can't seem to get the primary chain any tighter. Is there a special chain I need?
james • Jul 19, 2019
Best Answer: I had chain issues too. Clutch basket exploded and took everything with it before I got a perminate solution.
Jarod • Jul 19, 2019
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