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K&N Engineering Universal Round Straight Air Filter

K&N Engineering Universal Round Straight Air Filter

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When selecting one of K&Ns universal round straight air filters, you should consider the following dimensions as they relate to the specification chart:.

Mounting Flange Inside Diameter - This is the most critical dimension and should be very close to the diameter of the applications inlet flange. The flange will stretch up to 1/8in. for those in between sizes.

Filter Diameter - This is the overall diameter of the filter. Always use the largest diameter practical to insure maximum filtration.

Filter Length - This dimension is the length of the filter body only, it does not include the flange length. Always use the longest filter practical for maximum filtration.

Flange Angle and/or Length - If no angle is listed in the specifications table, the flange is straight.

Any angle listed is in degrees and can be utilized when space is a problem.

Flange Type - The location of the flange in relation to the O.D. of the filter is sometimes offset to one edge of the filter for more clearance in an application.

K and N Universal Round Straight Sold Individually.

These filters are legal ONLY for racing vehicles. Not applicable, nor intended for use on emission controlled street or highway vehicles.

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