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Kimpex Plastic Ski Boots
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Kimpex Plastic Ski Boots

SKU: 08-400

Ski covers are 8in. wide, giving unbelievable flotation.Made from 3/16in. thick UHMW high-... Read More

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Kimpex Plastic Ski Boots

Ski covers are 8in. wide, giving unbelievable flotation.

Made from 3/16in. thick UHMW high-impact plastic.

Protect skis from rocks and gravel and will not stick in wet snow.

Must be drilled to match wear bar being used.

Solid black; sold in pairs.

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Feb 1, 2022
Robert W.
I Love These Things!
1995 Yamaha V-Max 500. The sled is a heavy pig and the ski surface area is too small. Every time I stop or try to back up in even a little powder, it digs a hole and sinks. I was using ski skins to protect the skis, but they kept peeling off. We have another old sled that we bought a few years ago and it had these ski boots already on it. I wasn't familiar with who made them, but I finally found these Kimpex Ski Boots at 2Wheel. What a difference! More surface area means more ski flotation. I got them mounted and was out yesterday. I wasn't in deep powder, but I didn't get hung up after stopping nor when I backed up. They seem rugged and thick, so I'd like to think that I'll get several (hopefully many) seasons out of them, but that remains to be seen.

One drawback... They tell you that drilling is required, but some cutting is also required to get the front of your skeg seated again. If you're not a do-it-yourselfer, you might want someone to mount these for you because it can get a little tricky. I also noticed that my skis were a little "grabbier" than normal due to slightly increased down pressure from the added height, but it's negligible.

Overall, I highly recommend these Kimpex Ski Boots.
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