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Maxima V-Twin 100% Synthetic Primary Fluid

Maxima V-Twin 100% Synthetic Primary Fluid

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Formulated for high-performance transmissions and primary chaincases.

Designed for use in all 1984 and newer H-D models with wet diaphragm spring clutches.

High film strength oil provides excellent protection against shock loads, wear and increases fluid durability.

Extreme pressure additives and surface active chemistry allow smooth shifting under peak loads and RPMs.

Resists mechanical shearing and heat breakdown of the oil offering exceptional viscosity retention in severe operating conditions.

Reduces friction and improves cold flow performance.

Advanced detergents provide ultra-clean operation and protect gears from wear, deposits and allow for trouble-free operationCompatible with petroleum and synthetic oils.

Fully formulated gear oil and does not require the addition of additives or boosters.

No special procedure is required when changing to this fluid.

Meets and exceeds all known OEM requirements and does not void new motorcycle warranties.

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