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SKU: 87-9920

Michelin Pilot Road 4 Radial Rear Tires

Price: $173.84 - $212.08
$277.95 - $338.95 MSRP ❯ You're Saving Up To 37%!
Save $10.00 When You Buy Two Michelin Tires

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Product Details

Champion on wet surfaces especially when braking, MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 provides versatility and longevity.

Shorter braking time on wet surfaces

Thanks to new XST+ sipe technology, the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 offers a 17% shorter braking time than its nearest rival1 on wet surfaces, and 24% shorter on extremely slippery surfaces such as white traffic lines and pedestrian crossings.

20% greater longevity2

With a rubber derived from 2CT technology that’s harder in the middle than on the shoulder, the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 lasts 20% longer than the MICHELIN Pilot Road 3. Thanks to its MICHELIN XST+ sipes, it benefits from chamfers which limit uneven wear and tear.

Excellent grip

Thanks to its patented tread, MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 provides optimum grip no matter the motorcycle’s lean angle. It also allows for greater water evacuation

Michelin always aims to bring together multiple performances.

At MICHELIN, we never work on one isolated element of performance. Instead, we focus on the whole package: safety, durability and the thrill of riding… all at the same time and with no trade-offs. That’s what we mean by MICHELIN® Total Performance™, which has and will always be our difference on every tire.

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