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SKU: 5101-0105-00

Mobile Warming Pinlock Earplug Set

Price: $24.99

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Product Details

The brand new hearing protection from Pinlock offers many advantages over conventional hearing protection. The integrated precision filter brings the wind down to a safer level while riding, yet allows normal conversation without filtering important traffic sounds. Each set includes to offer almost every rider a custom, all day comfortable fit.

Made from silicone free medical grade TPE.

Noise reduction rate up to 24 DB.

Can be used in combination with an intercom system.

Comfortable filters allow airflow into ears, minimizing irritation and avoiding a blocked feeling of the earsIncludes two sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

Precision filter technology maintains spatial awareness.

Filters wind and motorcycle noise down to a safe rate while still allowing for conversation and importanttraffic sounds.

Filters are replaceable and upgradable for use in custom fit ear molds.

Reusable, fully washable tips and filterstwo extra plugs.

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