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Motorcycle Street + Boots Accessories

A good pair of motorcycle boots will keep you comfortable during longer rides. Usually made from leather, these boots have slight heels that help you rest your feet on the pedals plus thick sides that block out wind and moisture. With motorcycle street and boots accessories, you'll find ways to protect your boots.

Toe Slider

Toe sliders are products designed to protect your motorcycle boots from scuffs and other damage. They fit over the outside of the boot and can function similarly to steel toes. While they don't offer protection for your body, they do a good job of keeping the leather from developing scuffs and scratches as you get on and off your bike. A pair can also help you determine the leaning distance you need when going around corners or leaning to one side. Shop for motorcycle street on sale accessories to get affordable toe sliders.

Boot Covers

If you spend a lot of time on your motorcycle when it's raining or snowing, you may want to invest in a pair of boot covers. These covers use nylon and similar materials that block out moisture. They can also prevent wind and other types of cold air from getting inside. Some boot covers feature elastic around the top that keeps them from sliding down your legs too. You can get free shipping on motorcycle street accessories such as boot covers today. Several companies make boot covers designed for racing, too.

Shift Boot Protector

Similar to a toe slider, a shift boot protector fits onto the end of your motorcycle boot. It uses neoprene or a similar material that can withstand the constant movement of your foot as you shift. Unlike toe slides, protectors come with only one per package, as you only need to wear one on the foot that you use to shift. You'll find some that have an adjustable buckle on the back and others that use elastic to increase the overall comfort. With the best deals on motorcycle street accessories, you can get a shift boot protector at a low price.

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