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Women's Motorcycle Helmets

It's important to find women's motorcycle helmets that meet your needs and preferences, and there are several different types that you can look into. For example, if you want a polycarbonate helmet, then you could choose the Icon Airform Illuminatus helmet, which is made from that material. Here are more helmet types and designs to think about.

Women's Motorcycle Helmet Types

As you search for the best women's motorcycle helmets, you should consider the types available and the features included. You can purchase ones with visors, face shields and complete head coverings. Some are especially designed for women while others are unisex and available in sizes to fit a wide range of head sizes.

The AFX FX-17 comes with a visor on top, so you can keep the sun from burning your face as you ride your motorcycle down the road. You can get a Bell Qualifier Stealth helmet if you want a face shield that will protect you from debris and other objects.

Another product that's worth a look is the GMAX FF49S Hail, which will cover your entire face to protect it and is available with an optional electric shield. There's also the HJC IS-Cruiser Amor, which you might like if you're just looking for protection around your head.

Women's Motorcycle Helmet Designs

You can also check our inventory of women's motorcycle helmets to find an attractive design that appeals to your fashion sense. The HJC CS-R3 Dosta helmet has a nice purple tone that may appeal to you. You can also pick ones with interesting graphics, such as the Icon Airform Illuminatus, with a striking purple, pink, red and black or green, yellow and black design that really stands out.

Remember that a woman's motorcycle helmet should function as you want it to and have a design that you like. We offer many different types of helmets at 2Wheel, so you'll have plenty of options to find something that's ideal for you.

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