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Motorcycle Fairings + Parts

A motorcycle fairing may seem like a standard accessory that adds flair to a bike. However, this part has a very important purpose — it gives a motorcycle better aerodynamic properties. Learn all about these accessories on this page, and discover great deals on popular products.

Types of Motorcycle Fairings on Sale

The most popular motorcycle fairings on sale are streamline fairings. After they're installed, they cover a large portion of a motorcycle. On the road, better coverage is vital because it improves a motorcycle's aerodynamics. When the aerodynamics are correct, a motorbike travels quicker on the road.

Dolphin fairings have a large fan base as well. These fairings stand out because they have a mudguard that's shaped like a dolphin's beak. In the past, dolphin fairings gained popularity shortly after dustbin fairings lost traction.

Full fairings are high-quality accessories. You can find the best deals on motorcycle fairings with this design. Many biker owners pick them for the coverage.

Quarter fairings and half fairings are other options for your bike. If you pick half fairings, they will only protect the lower portion of your motorcycle. This is the zone near the handlebars. A quarter fairing will create a shield over the headlight.

Motorcycle Fairing Materials

The most common materials used in motorcycle fairings on sale are acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. ABS is a plastic material; all fairings that are made out of it are strong, durable, flexible, and lightweight. An ABS fairing is a great choice for a stylish motorcycle mainly because the material doesn't scratch easily. Browse our listings to score free shipping on motorcycle fairings made of ABS.

A fiberglass fairing is constructed out of woven fibers. If you own a bike that's designed for a race track, a fiberglass fairing is highly recommended. You can find a selection of motorcycle fairings made of fiberglass that meet your needs. Carbon fiber fairings are also great for sporty bikes. Fiberglass is very light, so it doesn't slow a motorcycle down during a race.

Now you know all about the various styles and materials available in these stylish and practical accessories. You're ready to shop for the best deals on motorcycle fairings.

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