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Motorcycle Kickstands + Parts

The kickstand is a very important part of your motorcycle because it keeps everything stable. If you fail to protect it, your bike will be at risk. To preserve the paint, engine, and tires, you must keep the entire bike stabilized when it's not in use. In this guide, you'll learn how to use a brand-new kickstand properly in various environments.

Learn the Easiest Way to Protect Motorcycle Kickstands

After browsing motorcycle kickstands on sale and choosing the one that's best for you, you can protect the hardware by paying attention to the terrain. If the ground is uneven or steep, ensure that your motorcycle is totally stable before you put down the kickstand. Whenever your bike is leaning dramatically, move it to another spot to improve its stability.

Always Stop the Motorcycle Completely

Now that you've gotten one of the best deals on motorcycle kickstands, you need to turn your attention to using it safely. Before you put down your new kickstand, let the motorcycle stop. If you try to use the kickstand while the tires are still rolling, the pavement or soil may scratch or bend it. If you accidentally scratch your kickstand, though, there are many replacement motorcycle kickstands on sale.

To ensure total protection after you buy your kickstand, keep the bike upright while you push the kickstand down. When the kickstand is touching the ground, gradually lean the motorcycle until the kickstand is supporting the weight.

Align the Wheels Properly

The wheels on your bike can interfere with the kickstand. If they're not aligned properly, a bike's stability will suffer. Your motorcycle's front wheel should be turned to the curb before you release the hand brake. If you ever fail to align the wheels, you'll benefit from having a backup kickstand on hand. Look for free shipping on motorcycle kickstands when you shop for spares.


Immediately after you mount a new kickstand on a bike, run a few practice drills. This strategy will help you discover the best way to set up the kickstand on pavement, gravel, and other terrains. Take advantage of the best deals on motorcycle kickstands and get multiple accessories for different bikes.

You may have been using a kickstand for years without thinking too much about it. Now you know how vital this device is for your bike's stability and your safety, you'll view the humble kickstand with increased respect.

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