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Motorcycle Luggage Racks + Parts

There's nothing quite like the feeling of riding your motorcycle on the open road. When you plan trips for more than a night or two, it's time to start thinking about finding motorcycle luggage racks on sale. A sturdy rack creates a safe place to mount luggage, so you can carry clothing or camping gear. Racks come in many different sizes, shapes and styles to suit nearly every bike.

Rear-Mounted Motorcycle Luggage Racks

While you shop for the best deals on motorcycle luggage racks, keep in mind that most of these racks mount on the back of your motorcycle. They often rise above the surface of the rear fender. That way, you can strap down luggage without damaging the paint.

Make sure to check compatibility with your license plate. Some racks fasten underneath the seat for a streamlined look. Others bolt directly to the frame of the bike. Rear-mounted racks may include a separate plate bracket for visibility. If you have a sissy bar, you can buy a luggage rack that mounts onto it for extra stability and strength.

Side-Mounted Luggage Racks for Motorcycles

Give yourself plenty of packing space with side-mounted luggage racks. They feature rigid frames that sit on either side of your fender, just above the wheels and exhaust pipe. With a side-mounted rack, you can fasten hard or soft cases. Some also come with a standard rear rack for even more storage space. Since these units tend to be bulky and heavy, it's a good idea to look for free shipping on motorcycle luggage racks.

Case-Top Motorcycle Luggage Racks

If your bike has existing hard-sided cases, case-top racks give you the freedom to strap on additional bags. Simply mount the rack right on the top of the case; brackets and bolts for this are usually included. Buy these motorcycle luggage racks on sale for an affordable luggage upgrade.

A sturdy luggage rack is a great way to outfit your bike for longer trips. Choose from a range of options, from small sissy-bar racks to full luggage systems with enough space for a cross-country journey.

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