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Motorcycle Antennas + Parts

When choosing the right motorcycle antenna, you should focus on the look of your bike along with the quality of reception that the antenna provides. Some motorcycles have a base for the antenna in the front of the bike while others have the base to the rear. Dependent upon the location of the antenna on the bike, the dipole-looking antennas and their parts may provide an attractive look and better reception than the concealed antenna. These antennas come in various heights and styles, and both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Dipole-Looking Antennas

2Wheel has many motorcycle antennas on sale. Some of the antennas are long, and some are short. Some of the options include those that have AM, FM, and CB technology. Still, not all antennas have the same capabilities. Due to a motorcycle's exposure to the elements of nature and its high rates of speed, some prefer a flexible antenna. In contrast, others prefer a firm one.

There are antenna boosters available that will not only improve the antenna's signal strength but also will require less battery power to operate. They also guard against a loss of signal, especially when the bike is traveling in an area where the signal strength is weak. An antenna booster will help keep the connection to the radio and other communication devices active.

Concealed Antennas

The concealed antennas are an excellent accessory if you prefer not to have any visual exterior enhancements. The base is hidden, and the accessory contains all necessary parts to establish an essential connection to all AM, FM, and WB connectivities. When looking for motorcycle accessories, 2Wheel offers the best deals on motorcycle antennas, both visible and concealed.

Many antennas and their accessories are easy to install to improve their reception and functionality. Whether they are visible or not, personal preference and the look of the bike will factor into the style of antenna chosen. 2Wheel offers free shipping on motorcycle antennas, parts, and other accessories.

* Some manufacturers do not allow us to extend discounts. Please see our list of Discount Exclusions for more information.
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