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Motorcycle Lap Timers + Parts

Follow your time on the track with a high-quality motorcycle track timer. You can find advanced motorcycle lap timers on sale from top brands. These timers come with a variety of features that will allow you to get all the information that you need from your track day. Here is a look at the type of motorcycle lap timers available and what brands to consider.

Types of Motorcycle Lap Timers

When looking at motorcycle lap timers on sale, you will want to consider standard and GPS timers. With a standard lap timer, you will need to place beacons around the track in order to get an automatic reading. With a GPS motorcycle lap timer, there is no need for beacons. The GPS timer will use satellite-linked GPS technology to automatically track your time.

Also, some GPS timers will offer Wi-Fi transfer of the lap time data as well as a database of popular tracks from around the world. Other top features found on motorcycle lap timers include split-time functionality and video overlay of your timer performance. Be sure to check the product listing to see what features are included.

What Are the Top Brands for Motorcycle Timers?

When looking for the best deals on motorcycle lap timers, you will want to consider top brands with a quality reputation. That's because lap timers are complex pieces of equipment. Some of the top brands available include AiM, Starlane, Driven, and Speed Angle. AiM, in particular, has a top line of high-end GPS motorcycle lap timers that are packed with many features.

There are some helpful tips that will assist you when shopping for timers. First, look for free shipping on motorcycle lap timers to help you save on your order. Also, make sure that you have the tools to install the device on your bike. If you don't have the tools, then you can add the required products to your order cart.

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