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Motorcycle Light Bars + Parts

When you're on the road after dark, adequate lighting increases your visibility to other drivers. Motorcycle light bars help you boost safety and improve the look of your bike at the same time. Light bars come in a range of sizes and styles, from bold LED bars to vintage-inspired headlights connected by a metal bar. With motorcycle light bars on sale for all types of models, there's an option for every rider.

Front-Mounted Motorcycle Light Bars

Front-mounted light bars are available to fit different parts of your motorcycle. Install a slim turn-signal bar under or next to your headlight, or add a classic fog-light bar for easier low-light riding. As you're looking for the best deals on motorcycle light bars for an off-road bike, consider ultra-bright LED light bars that help you see clearly on a trail or backcountry terrain. Some models come with a green mode that reduces glare when you're near the water, and others offer tilting heads for easier direction adjustments.

Tail-Mounted Motorcycle Light Bars

Tail-mounted light bars make it easier for drivers to spot your bike on a dark highway. Long, thin strips of LEDs are available to fit under the edge of a fender or along the bottom of a trike or cruiser. You can also find motorcycle light bars on sale that are designed specifically to fit under a luggage rack or saddlebag rail. Choose from both vertical and horizontal lights to achieve different aesthetics. Some rear light bars feature integrated turn signals to communicate your moves clearly.

Side-Mounted Motorcycle Light Bars

If you have a bigger bike, side-mounted motorcycle light bars on sale make a fun, flashy accessory. Depending on the brightness, they can also serve as daytime running lights. Long LED bars fit along the lower edges of the running boards, illuminating the road as you drive. Choose options in a range of colors.

No matter where you place them, light bars show off your bike and keep you safer on busy roads. With plenty of options for free shipping on motorcycle light bars, you can go big without adding extra costs.

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