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Motorcycle Lifters + Parts

In order to maintain a motorcycle, you must have the right equipment. Because an average motorcycle is bulky, you won't be able to perform some routine maintenance tasks without a lifter. This piece of equipment is vital because it raises the bike into the air effortlessly. If you shop for a motorcycle lift, you'll find many options that can help you complete tune-up tasks or detailing.

Types of Motorcycle Lifters on Sale

There are different types of motorcycle lifters on sale. Each option can provide different benefits when you tackle a project.

The most inexpensive design is an air lift. This type of lifter relies on compressed air, and you can activate it using a foot valve. If pressure is applied, the air cylinder will move a motorcycle gradually up or down. All air lifts can elevate a bike that weighs up to 1,000 pounds.

An air hydraulic lift also gets its power by producing surges of air. However, it accomplishes this by using a pump to propel hydraulic fluid throughout its lifting cylinder. Air hydraulic lifts also have foot pedals.

The final option is an electric hydraulic lift. It's the most expensive option because it lifts a motorcycle using electric hydraulic power. Many motorcycle owners buy this type of lift to take advantage of its performance capabilities. When compared to the other lifts, an electric hydraulic option is faster and more consistent.

Motorcycle Lifter Benefits

The biggest benefit is better storage. When your motorcycle is no longer your main source of transportation, you can store it on a lift. If you are looking for the best deals on motorcycle lifters, remember this feature will help you protect and preserve the tires on your motorcycle. Also, by elevating your bike, you won't have to deal with air pressure inconsistencies when you put the tires on the ground. Score free shipping on motorcycle lifters, and experience how our products can protect your tires.

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