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Motorcycle Bolts + Parts

When your motorcycle needs new bolts, you'll find a variety of options on sale. However, in order to ensure a proper fit, you must pick proper bolts that match the manufacturer's specs. If you no longer have your motorcycle owner's manual, this guide can help.

Measuring Strategies for Motorcycle Bolts on Sale

You must understand a few things before you take advantage of the best deals on motorcycle bolts. The thread diameter, total bolt length, thread pitch size, and thread length are all important. To accurately measure a bolt, you'll need to get each of these measurements.

The thread diameter refers to the width that runs along the top of a bolt. When you're measuring it, always include the bolt and the thread. To measure the overall bolt length, place your measuring tool underneath the bolt head at the end of the bolt. For the thread pitch size, you'll need to measure the distance between the crests that are found by the adjacent threads. The thread length is easy to measure; it's the length of the bolt's thread.

The Measurement Unit Breakdown for Motorcycle Bolts

Many modern motorcycles that are manufactured outside of the United States are built with metric bolts. In most motorcycle manuals, the thread diameter will be provided as M8, M6, M4, M3, M10, or M12. This basically means that a bolt is a metric bolt, and it must be measured in millimeters. Make sure to double-check your bolt size before going for any deals on free shipping on motorcycle bolts—that free shipping isn't useful if the bolts don't fit!

Motorcycle Bolt Measuring Tactics

There are many measuring tools that you can use before you buy any of the motorcycle bolts on sale. However, if you want to measure a bolt quickly and accurately, always use digital calipers. This device can measure a bolt's length and diameter. To get the measurement for a bolt's pitch, you'll need a thread pitch gauge.

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