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240/40-18 Motorcycle Tires

At 2Wheel, we have plenty of 240/40-18 tires on sale to choose from. These tires are designed to go in the back of the motorcycle. Having wider tires in the back helps prevent slippage in rainy conditions and absorb bumps on the road for a smoother ride. Since there is a variety of motorcycle brands and manufacturers that offer tires with a rim size of 18 inches, you should consider style preferences and performance needs as well as pricing.

Sorting the Remaining Options

Now that you’ve found motorcycle tires with a tire width of 240, it’s time to narrow down your search. One way to start is by utilizing the sorting feature on the top right corner of the search page. Here, you can sort the tires in a given category by highest rating, name (either A to Z or Z to A), price (either lowest to highest or highest to lowest), or the date each tire was added to the catalog. Sorting this way allows you to control which aspects of the tires are the most important features in your search.

Knowing Your Brand

When looking at 240/40-18 tires online, it is important to have a general idea of the many brands you’ll come across. To better understand which motorcycle tire is best for your bike, research all the brands that sell at your preferred price point. Look into brand satisfaction ratings and compatibility with your motorcycle’s make and model. You may also use your personal experience to gauge which aspect ratio 40 tire will be the best fit for your individual needs.

The Right Tires for the Right Price

Here at 2Wheel, we offer 240/40-18 motorcycle tires on sale. You can find the tires that fit your motorcycle in terms of performance and safety all while staying within your price range. Once you have the best tires for your bike, you can enjoy the open road without worrying.

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