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25x11x12 ATV & 4Wheel Tires

If you are looking for tires designed for trails in rural areas, check out 25x11x12 ATV tires online. The main feature that makes these tires ideal for forest trails is their sweeping tread pattern. This type of tread design provides added durability by strengthening a tire's carcass.

You will also find sweeping tires with lugs that are spaced far apart. Following heavy rainstorms, these sweeping tires' wide-spaced treads can direct mud away on soggy trails.

Non-Directional Designs

Non-directional ATV tires are engineered to maneuver effectively in all directions. This means that each ATV tire with a width of 25 delivers solid traction when moving forward and in reverse.

Deep Tread Patterns

There are many types of tires with advanced tread patterns available. If you are looking for a pattern that can power along difficult terrains, a deep tread can help. When treads are deeper, a tire weighs less, and this reduces stress on an ATV's drivetrain. You will find solid deep-tread 25x11x12 ATV tires online with honed biting edges and dimpled lugs. Both of these tread features can increase grip and traction on muddy paths and hard surfaces.

Tires for Cornering

Cornering is a maneuver that is tough to master. In order to corner around a curve efficiently while maintaining your speed, you'll have to press the accelerator and brake pedal strategically, as every tire spins on terrain. There are 25x11x12 ATV tires on sale that can make cornering much easier. The key is the tire grip, and you can increase it while cornering by equipping a set of tires with large shoulder knobs since the oversized design provides a better side grip.

Wheels for Rugged Trails

Puncture-resistant ATV tires with a width of 25 can help you conquer paths along rugged trails. These tires are made out of a rubber material that is much thicker than the rubber on a traditional tire. Puncture-resistant tires have a very dense core, so they are quite heavy and extremely tough.

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