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28x10x12 ATV & 4Wheel Tires

Riding ATVs is a fun activity that people everywhere enjoy. ATV riders get to enjoy the great outdoors from unique perspectives, and their machines can carry riders over virtually any terrain. That said, to get the most out of their travels, ATV operators need tires that are able to stand up to the rigors of the open trail. Here at 2Wheel, we stock a wide variety of 28x10x12 ATV tires online for your convenience. ATV tire shoppers can find specific makes and models as well as radial and bias-ply tires that stand up to rough off-road conditions.

28x10x12 Tires

A 28x10x12 tire, as the numbers suggest, have a few different measurements. The first number is the width, which means these tires are 28 millimeters wide. The second number represents the aspect ratio. This is how tall the tire is in regard to its width. In this case, the tire's height is 10% of the tire's width. The last number is the rim size, and it is measured in inches. So, the 28x10x12 ATV tire has a rim size of 12.

Wide Selection of Multi-Ply ATV Tires

In terms of toughness, our 28x10x12 ATV tires on sale come in many durable varieties. Our radial-ply tires use tested materials and specialized construction weave patterns that maximize strength. At the same time, they offer multiple layers and plies, reducing the risk for punctures and other forms of damage on the tire wall or the tread.

Other ATV models require bias tires for best use. Bias-ply tires are just as durable as radial tires, and indeed in some situations, they might be preferred.

Enjoy Brand-Name Styles

When shopping for ATV tire width 28 tires, you'll have access to some of the top names in the business. Some popular brands include ITP Blackwater Evolution, Maxxis, and GBC Dirt Commander. All of these brands and others manufacture tires for both front and rear use as well as for operation on many different surfaces.

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