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RevArc Snow Bike Dolly
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RevArc Snow Bike Dolly

SKU: 61-0628

RevArc introduces the industrys first Snow Bike Dolly. Moving your Snow Bike anywhere you want is... Read More

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RevArc Snow Bike Dolly

RevArc introduces the industrys first Snow Bike Dolly. Moving your Snow Bike anywhere you want is now easy.

Less than a minute to install onto your Snow Bike.

Zero turn radius means you can move Snow Bike easily and safely.

Superior option to ski wheel kits at a lower price.

Lightweight, strong 1 1/4in. tube steel, limited lifetime warranty.

Weighs 25lbs.

Ships in 30in. box.

10 minute assembly.

Black, tubeless tires.

Revarc Snow Bike Dolly

When you're out in the snow, your snow bike has more than enough capability to get you where you need to go. What happens, though, when the snow is gone and you still need to move your snow bike? That's where a snow bike dolly comes in. There's no need to risk damaging your snow bike with a conventional dolly or another piece of equipment. Using a snow bike dolly offers you a custom-made frame to cradle your snow bike, ensuring that you can move it around easily and safely.

Easy to Use

In an attempt to make them more versatile, some makers of snow bike dollies have given them complicated designs. If you are simply using your dolly to move your snow bike around your garage, though, Revarc snow bike dollies, with their simple designs, provide more than enough capability to do what you need to do.

In addition to a simple design, a good snow bike dolly should have wide wheels that effectively distribute the weight of the snow bike. This will help you rotate the dolly more easily and ensure that you can push the dolly over bumps and light snow without too much effort.

It's also important that your dolly is easy to put together. After all, you want to spend your time out on the trails, not trying to figure out how to assemble a complicated dolly. If you choose a simple design, you will be rewarded with easy assembly and maintenance.


Since the average snow bike weighs a few hundred pounds by itself, it's important that you don't add so much to the weight that it would be more difficult to lift. When you shop for a Revark snow bike dolly online, you will notice that it weighs less than 30 pounds. This means that the dolly will be easy to lift whether it's empty or your snow bike is on it.

When researching different dollies, it's vital to make sure that weight doesn't come at the expense of strength. Look for dollies made from tube steel so that you can have a reliable and strong dolly for years to come.

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