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S&S Cycle 561 Camshaft

S&S Cycle 561 Camshaft

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S&S Cycle

Works in all displacement Big Twin V2 with a variety of compression ratios.

Ideally suited for stock to 88in. engines with up to 11:1 compression, 96in. engines with 10:1 and 98in. engines and larger with no greater than 9.5 to 1 compression.

Moderate duration makes for great mid range performance.

Requires high lift springs and normal clearance checks.

Intake Opening (degrees): 32.

Intake Closing (degrees): 40.

Exhaust Opening (degrees): 50.

Exhaust Closing (degrees): 26.

Intake Duration (degrees): 252.

Exhaust Duration (degrees): 256.

Intake Lift (in): .560.

Exhaust Lift (in): .560.

Intake Lift at TDC (in): .252.

Exhaust Lift at TDC (in): .210.

Spring spacing is required.

For hydraulic tappet.

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