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Scala Rider Q3 Intercom System

The scala rider Q3 MultiSet includes two pre-paired Q3 units perfect for small group riding with 4-way toggling communication at a range of 1km. Music Sharing allows rider and passenger to listen to the same tunes and using Bluetooth technology connect the device to mobile phones, MP3 or GPS.

scala rider Q3 MultiSet was created to enhance group riding allowing both riders to connect with up to 3 other riders at a 1km* range. Using the Music Sharing feature you can both enjoy the same great tunes while you ride.

To keep connected, pair your Q3 via Bluetooth with up to two mobile phones simultaneously, stream music via A2DP or MP3, connect to your GPS and enjoy the built in FM radio. All hands free!

Keep your software updated and customize settings using the Cardo Community.

Interchangeable hybrid and corded microphones are included.

*Results may vary according to terrain.

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