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Signal Dynamics
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Compact solid-state electronic module converts brake lights into 2 choices of visual alerting signals.

Mode one emits 4 quick, alternating flashes or left and right brake followed by 3 short flashes and one long flash of both brake lights; pattern of 3 short flashes and one long flash of both lights repeats as long as brakes are applied.

Mode 2 emits four quick, alternating flashes of the left and right brake lights followed by 3 short flashes of both brake lights and then a steady on; brake lights remain on until brakes are released.

Designed for motorcycles equipped with 22 brake lights located side-by-side.

Specifications: 12V DC, max. capacity 10A, sealed weather-resistant hheat sink case, 2 1/4in. L x 5/8in. H x 1 5/8in. W.

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