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Signal Dynamics
Signal Dynamics Self-Canceling Turn Signal Module

Perfect for custom builds or retrofitting models without self-canceling turn signals.

Features three turn signal timing modes: a one-second press of the turn signal button causes seven seconds of turn signal flash before self-cancel, a two-second press causes 20 seconds of flash before self-cancel and a four-second press causes 75 seconds of flash before self-cancel.

All flash modes can be canceled with a second push of the turn signal button.

Flash time is consistent whether using incandescent or LED lighting.

Simultaneous depression of right and left turn signal buttons for one second begins hazard mode; flash continues until manually canceled.

Solid-state electrical components with weather-proof, soft cell technology to prevent wire damage.

Runs from 12V power source at 6A per channel.

Measures 21/4in L x 15/8in W x 5/8in H.

Mounts easily with included double-sided tape.

Designed for use with individual momentary-type turn signal switches mounted on left and right bars; will not work on models with left and right turn signal switch built into one unit that requires push to cancel.

Made in the USA.

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