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Technoresearch Maximus Victory Tuner

SKU: 1020-2772

Most advanced, easy-to-operate flash tuning tool for all.Victory 08-17 with Visteon ECU/ E... Read More

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Technoresearch Maximus Victory Tuner

Most advanced, easy-to-operate flash tuning tool for all.

Victory 08-17 with Visteon ECU/ ECM.

Utilizes advanced hardware and software specifications to combine the most commonly used features from the Centurion Super Pro Plus professional diagnostics tool as well as the Direct Link professional flash tuning tool.

Tuning features include the ability to modify front and rear cylinder fuel/ spark tables separately, air/ fuel ratio, rev limiter and more.

Diagnostic features include read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTC).

Utilizes Bluetooth communication via a Windows-based PC laptop, smart phone or tablet and includes easy to use Android app.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Apr 12, 2022
Ethan J.
Great add on
Definitely woke the bike up with the pre-set tune. there is a base map and a stage 1 map. for the victory 106 motor.

Can change the rev limiter, timing and fuel mixture. Remapping is pretty simple, just follow the instructions. There is definitely a noticeable difference, I have the stage 1 air filter and de-baffled pipes, brothers' bike is just de-baffled pipes, I would creep away from him with just the air filter add on,

We haven't raced each other yet since I put the tune on do to weater, but I'm going to be stomping his ass now. you definitely feel the bike pull harder.
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