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Tirox SnapJack V2 Variable
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Tirox SnapJack V2 Variable

SKU: 58-7832

Improved lightweight design, weighs 35% less (just 1.2 lbs) than previous SnapJack models.... Read More

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Tirox SnapJack V2 Variable

Improved lightweight design, weighs 35% less (just 1.2 lbs) than previous SnapJack models.

Allows you to raise the rear tire slightly off the ground to spin the tire for chain cleaning/ lubricating/adjustment and tire/rim cleaning.

Portable: Fits easily into most tank and saddle bags.

Adjustable: Works with most all 1980 and newer sport, touring, adventure touring, standard and dual sport motorcycles with double sided swingarms (not for use with heavy cruisers or long kickstand heavy bikes).

Improved design works well with Triumph right side drive models.

For use on the right side of bike (oppositeside from the kickstand).

From the makers of Tirox motorcycle cleaning and chain maintenance products.

Includes: SnapJack V2 Variable, brake locking strap, anti-skid pad, locking pin and carry pouch.

Easy to use: Lock the front brake with the included strap, with the bike on the stock kickstand, place the SnapJack V2 in the proper position on the swingarm and push the SnapJack V2 into position. User accepts all liability if used for anything but its intended use.

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