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Twin Power Lithium Ion Battery

Twin Power Lithium Ion Battery

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Twin Power

The most advanced high-power Lithium Ion Phosphate battery technology from Twin Power.

Ultra high cranking amps from a super-lightweight battery.

Only 1/3 the weight of a lead acid battery.

Cylindrical cell with energy storage welding technology for higher output.

Built-in charge and equalizing protection board prevents battery from over-charging.

Remarkably low self-discharge for extended storage periods up to one year.

Suitable for low temperature environments.

More than twice the service life of conventional lead acid batteries.

Superior vibration resistant construction allows multi-directional installation without damage.

No corrosive liquids, no toxic heavy metals make Twin Power Li-On batteries environmentally friendly.

Direct fit for OEM applications with no shimming or adaptors required.

Heavy duty terminals in stock configuration for easy installation and long lasting performance.

Two-year warranty.

Customer Reviews (3)
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Apr 22, 2020
bert m.
worked good the first start now I purchased a deltran charger we will see how things go now!!
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Apr 2, 2020
Jerry S.
Victory - Powered By Lithium
I really can't say enough how impress I am with how light this battery is. This replaced by previous battery perfectly. I have read on other brands that people were having to add shims to make it fit correctly. Well I have a 2014 Victory Cross Country 8-Ball and this battery fits perfect! If you are looking to replace your battery, well look no further! Besides awesome starting power I am also running 2 amps with no problems at all. Again, if you are in the market for a battery then go with this!
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Aug 23, 2019
Ken G.
Battery was delivered on time and as advertised. I like the weight of it. Very light. It fired my bike up fresh out of the box. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a good but not inexpensive battery. Hopefully it will last many years.
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It certainly would be more helpful to list the CCA, instead of a vague statement like "extremely high",
Pat • Jul 19, 2019
Best Answer: To start, I ride a 2014 HD Limited 103. I have tried two different batteries, the Deltran and the Twin Power. The Deltran failed in many ways. It is WAY smaller than the original battery so you have to install foam shims to keep it in place. No BFD. However, when the temperature was down in the 40’s it cranked like it was dead and wouldn’t start. I think they rated it as a 360 CCA but check that number… I returned it for credit and bought a Twin Power from 2 Wheel. What a difference! It is almost the same size as the Harley battery so the fit is perfect. Yes it cost a little more, so what. The bottom line is that the 625CCA starts the bike even in the low 40’s here in Cleveland with no problems. Get one!
Donald • Jul 19, 2019
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