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Protect Your Investment

The only thing worse than rust spots on a UTV is a stolen UTV. Keep your ride safe and secure to enjoy years of trailblazing with the latest UTV security & covers on sale. Compare locks, alarms, covers and tie down systems to enjoy hassle-free storage and transportation. Whether you’re parking your ride at your campsite for the night or putting it in long-term storage at your home for the end of the season, compare these must-have products for your side-by-side.

Convenient Covers for All-Weather Protection

Read the best reviews on UTV security & covers to find products made for your make and model of UTV. Covers in particular need to be the right size for easy coverage. A waterproof cover protects your ride from water, snow and UV rays. Don’t let the elements damage your favorite ride by fading the paint and causing oxidation on the body. A cover can prevent the need for a new paint job or a replacement body panel.

Locks, Alarms and Tie Downs

Lock up your ride for the night with a lock and alarm system. There are a wide range of bully locks, alarms and other safety products to make sure no one drives away with your UTV. A lock is a great option if you’re driving your vehicle into town for dinner or if you’re parking on a trailhead to head out on foot. You never know what might happen to your investment when you turn your back, so give yourself some peace of mind so you can enjoy your time away from your side-by-side as much as you enjoy your time in it.

Tie down ratchets, cables and other systems are safety systems made for your trailer. Driving up on a trailer and putting your UTV in park isn’t going to cut it, so use reliable straps to keep your vehicle secure as you drive down the road to the next trail.

Enjoy Years of UTV Adventures

Don’t settle for anything but the lowest prices on UTV security & covers online. Protect your investment without breaking the bank and breathe easily as you park for the night or swing into the store to stock up for your next expedition.

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