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What is the Best UTV Tire?

When looking for the best UTV tire, you want to find the tire that best suits your UTV riding style. When you purchased your UTV, you looked at many different models and brands to find the right UTV, and it's important to do the same for your tires. You'll want to find the right tire size, ply rating, and construction for your style of UTV riding.

How To Find Your UTV Tire Size

The most critical step in buying new UTV Tires is determining the tire size for your UTV. Ideally, you would want to read your UTV tire size from the OEM guide of your machine. If your OEM guide isn't available and can't be found online, visually inspect your current UTV tire to read the sizing. Your UTV tire will have 3 numbers: the first number is the height, second is the width, and the third is the rim diameter.

OEM will always suggest you keep the same height and width tire on your UTV, but after measuring for clearance you can go with a taller or wider tire.

What Ply Rating is Best for my UTV?

Another critical metric to look for when buying your new UTV tires is the Ply Rating, which indicates the overall load capability of the tire. Ply rating refers to how many layers of nylon cord are used in the making of the tire. The higher the ply rating of a UTV tire, the larger the load capacity and the stiffer the tire will feel. Tires with lower ply will be softer and feel less responsive.

Lower ply UTV Tires would be ideal when riding in the snow and grass, whereas 10-ply UTV Tires would be more suitable for riding on rocks and carrying heavy loads.

What's the Difference Between Radial and Bias UTV Tires?

The critical difference between radial and bias construction is laid on the inside of the UTV tire carcass. Almost all OEM UTV Tires come with radial tires because they have a 90-degree angle that makes them ideal for the pavement. If driving your machine in more rockier terrain, you'd want to opt for the bias UTV Tire because they have a 30-60 degree angle that provides more flex, but also limits the overall life of the tire.

If you have any questions about buying new UTV Tires, please Contact Us. As a friendly reminder, we offer Tire and Wheel Kit Packages that come mounted and ready to install including free lugs.

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